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[div]I just bought  the  Yoshimura R77 on my FZ07 2016. do I need a power commander or a flash ECU? any1 please help me out. I will provide w my number so you can call me or text me.[/div]

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Since you've replaced your whole exhaust system (headers, mid-pipe, and muffler), it is recommended to adjust your fuel map to match the new setup. Your current factory fuel map is set to work with the stock exhaust.
I personally prefer to have @2wheeldynoworks flash the ECU as it includes a lot of quality of life upgrades with the remapped fuel map. But some people like the PowerCommander route. It's up to your preferences. The flashed ECU will run you $315 and a week of down time. Also with the flashed ECU, you have unlimited reflashes in case you change up your setup again.

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I have the same exhaust and went with the FTECU tune. You can use their cable and software to flash your own ECU an unlimited number of times. You'd need to change your fuel map to match what changes you have made. Costs $380 + shipping with no bike downtime since you can ride it while it ships, and most importantly you won't need to wait on the mail to flash it if you want another change.
What I did is explained below:
[video src=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wDgTBg16Lm4]
You can find FTECU's site here or find a reseller. You should make sure you're comfortable with doing that before moving forward. 2 wheels dyno is supposed to be a great tune but I wouldn't want to ship anything to anyone and wait for it to get back.

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