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Fuel consumption


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In 2008, MOTORRAD made a list showing fuel consumption of various motorcycles they had tested. In everyday life, there will be many variables like the suspension's ability to control wheel motion, tyre choice, tyre pressure, friction losses in chain/wheel bearings, brake drag, rider weight/size/gear, road condition, carbs/FI settings and engine tolerances. Among other things :D In other words; you can take two identical motorcycles off the line and run them through the exact same test my the exact same person and get different results due to build tolerances. And you can take one motorcycle and get widely different consumption numbers based upon who is riding it. But this still gives a clue as to which bikes are frugal or not. If you want a full-size frugal bike, however, the Honda NC700 is one of the best out there with a consumption of 2.8 l/100 km or 84 mpgUS. Just remember to stay awake :D

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