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Cebu Philippine adventure


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Today's ride:
First stop Cebu Japanese Surrender site from WW2. Due to road construction sign has been torn down. Pity. History forgotten again. This was the surrender that was not supposed to happen. MacArthur forbade any regional surrenders and insisted he be the only one the Japanese would surrender to. The Cebu general ( General Robert L. Eichelberger), decided for reasons of expediency to hold his own surrender anyway. Site is just North of Sogod. (Their is a black and white video/film of the whole event on You Tube).
Then to Medellin, Scouting the Seahorses Resort for future reference . Cold beer, white beach, quiet place. Near Fantastic Island. (located on the distant Gibitngin Island in photos). After a beer and snack on North to Daanbantayan, then towards Maya port until rain threatened. Back home in rain from Bogo to Danao. got to see how bad the Battlax tires are in the wet. Accelerating moderately in town, hit a painted cross walk and spin city. Top speed 178 in Medellin straights, it is very apparent how bad the front suspension is even with my mods ( or because of). It felt like it was floating over the road with no feedback and a tendency to head shake. Realistically it is fast enough on a naked bike for me. cartridge inserts will be next. I did not feel comfortable going faster, it felt very iffy. At speeds of 100-130 no problems. Great day up until rain struck, but only going home, so all in all a great day. about 300 kilometers i around 6 hours elapsed time, including stops etc.
broken commemorative sign
site of Cebu Japanese surrender.
Seahorse resort Medellin
End of the road in Medellin, literally...
Northern most point of trip

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