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Riding for 10ish years I have had numerous jackets. Kevlar, Mesh, Textile and a leather Vetter my uncle gave me that I believe is from the 80's. 
Long story short the guy at CycleGear gave me $50 off so I paid $350 with tax instead of $400. 
It is perforated leather and the first time I have had one. I have to say that on a 90 degree day in South Florida I felt no more heat sitting than with my textile. 
I did however feel an incredible amount of air while riding! I am never going back to any other type of jacket. Which is good because I can't afford to now haha 
If you have thought about a perforated leather please do it. This jacket has an awesome "fit" for our bikes as some are made to be bent over. You won't be sorry! 

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Available without the logo across the front???

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Hello from a fellow sunshine state rider @rocco.
How is the air flow compared to a mesh jacket? Would you say half as much air flow as a mesh jacket with the vents open on the leather? I've never worn a perf'ed leather jacket. Though I have worn full leather jackets back in the day.
I'm currently running a light gray mesh jacket with some pads in it. But it looks like, from the Googling I've done, that it will be a one slide only jacket before it'll need replaced.

Just shut up and ride.

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Sorry I'm just now replying!
Yes you can get the jacket all blacked out but this is the only color they had in my size!!
You know Florida is so hot it doesn't matter what you wear, you're going to sweat! Haha
But the airflow is not much less than my textile but of course less than a full mesh.
I'd say a little less than half as much airflow as my mesh but I never felt protected honestly.
Talking to my friends they said leather holds up to a few slides as opposed to one on the others.
It may be a little hotter but I'll never go back to any other material!

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