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hey guys,
picking up my new fz07 with abs on sunday.
super stoked been lurking on here for almost a year while i hemmed and hawed about getting a used one or waiting for the new ones with ABS (the wife was a big fan of the enhanced safety).
my previous bikes in order from oldest to most recent:
2006 suzuki M50
2009 kawasaki concours 14
2010 GSX-R 600 (by far my fav bike, was totaled when lady changed lanes into me on richmond bridge)
2010 Ducati 1098 
i did a ton of research on naked bikes and fell in love with the FZ07 and finally pulled the trigger.
cannot wait to pick her up tomorrow (what kind of dealership is open sunday but closed saturday???)
i have already purchased the following parts online:
kemimoto black and red rear sets
CRG arrow mirror (will i need to purchase a bar end or mirror adapter or will it attach to my grip as is?)
ASV shorty levers (black/red)
Pro Grip 719 RVGS Gel Grips
LED headlight kit from cyclopsports
fender eliminator kit
TST integrated tail light/relay
LED front signals
cardo scala Q1 bluetooth 
cell phone mount
will add exhaust and flash once i can decide which exhaust i want to go with (all feedback on that appreciated)
and perhaps some new bars depending on how i like the stock ones.
i moved down to LA not too long ago (lived in bay area for past 10 years) so any tips on great roads/rides much appreciated.
i know everyone goes to the snake but im not really interested in that as it seems super crowded with wannabe street racers and i'd rather find some awesome scenic route with fun empty sweepers etc 

2017 FZ-07 ABS

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Welcome, buddy!
What part of socal?
I'll try to message you a list of places to ride tomorrow.
Enjoying the bike yet?

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I'm a huge fan and rider of the Snake. It's arguably one of the best roads to play on, just need to avoid the traffic. The snake is more of a proving ground that allows you to practice techniques on a lower speed course. I find places like ACH, Palomar, GMR, Azusa canyons are all where riders get in accidents involved with cars. The Snake has more errors on riders trying to push themselves too much. Regardless, don't be so quick to avoid the snake! I've had more than a few FZ members on our FB page become avid riders of the snake after they've gotten bored of long swooping turns and idiot people at ACH for example. It's generally a good note to not ride the snake on weekends. That's when everyone is seems to be out. The weekdays provide an awesome experience and learning ground when you really want to romp your bike like a super bike @tucker21!

'15 Pearl White FZ-07 | Yoshi R77 Exhaust | ECU Reflash | Mad Hornets Shorty Levers | EvoTech Rad Guard | Yamaha Comfort Saddle | TST Industries Integrated Taillight | Motodynamics Fender Eliminator | Yamaha OEM Front LED Signals | Phillips MaxVision 130+ Bulb | OES Front/Rear Axle Sliders | Driven Racing TT Rearsets | Woodcraft 1.5" Clip-Ons | Woodcraft Engine & Water Pump Crash Cover | OEM Motocage Cage | LEDGlow SMD Mini Advanced Lighting Kit | Gilles Tooling Gauge Relocation Kit |

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