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Hey guys and gals, I'm from BC, Canada. I just started riding and after taking a new rider course at the beginning of May I knew I definitely wanted a bike. I didn't want to get an old hipster cafe racer, a ninja 250 I'd get bored of in a month, or a $3000 600cc I'd probably die on. After a bit of research the FZ-07 seemed like a good beginner bike that would last and after a test ride I fell in love and decided to pick one up. 
So here it is, a Red 2015 with 12 500Km (7800 Mi). The previous owner bought it new last year and apparently rode the hell out of it but took immaculate care of it because it still looks brand new. I got it for $6200 CAD ($4600 USD) which, aside from the mileage, seemed like a good deal given how few of these are on the used market and it has some mods I would do anyways. 
List of mods:
Graves Diamond No-Cut frame sliders
Evotech Swingarm Spools
Evotech Radiator guard
Driven grips and bar ends
Puig windscreen
Motodynamic fender eliminator
I've also just put in a Motodynamic integrated taillight.
A couple pics from the day I got it
Aannnnd I'm broke.
Looking forward to being a part of the community. 

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If you're broke then you're part of some community, right? right? :P
welcome and congrats! good choice in color! :D

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