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Buying a CBR600RR


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My buddy just sold his FZ1 and also wants to sell his 2006 CBR600RR (he wants a super moto or something like that). The 600 is in mediocre  shape. Has two sets of fairings. The OEM ones that are a little scratched and some Chinese ones he bought to replace the OEM ones. The Chinese ones are actually okay quality. Like they weren't the cheapest ones you could buy and they look nice and fit properly. The cam chain tensioner has also just started rattling. So I'll probably need to replace that. The bike has about 25,000 km's on it and he wants $3,000 for it. Comparables seem to be selling for more, so I think I'll be buying it. It's not absolutely mint by any means, but I want something that if I crashed at the track it wouldn't be the end of the world, so I think this is a good buy. I came from a CBR929RR to the FZ07 and as much as I love the 07, I do really miss some of the sport bike qualities (aggressive riding position, four cylinder top end rush, good suspension, etc). 
The FZ07 will definitely be staying. I'll probably be using it more like a touring bike. 
I'll some pictures of it when I actually get to see it. I've only seen it twice because my buddy never really rode it, He almost always rode the FZ1. 
Side note, anyone know much about cam chain tensioner? Better to go OEM or go with a manual one? 

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Well, I bought it! Took it out for its first ride last night. The 600 is a much different experience than the 929 I had. I would describe the 929 as the most violent acceleration I have ever felt (to be clear there I said most violent, not the fastest). I think what contributed to that was the fact it had a slip on (more noise always seems faster lol), it was geared down (not sure how much), monstrous torque, not much weight, a short wheel base, it was always a terrifying experience opening the throttle on it. I rode my friends ZX14 and the way the 600 acceleration actually feels more comparable to the ZX14. Obviously not nearly as fast, but it's a very smooth pull. The 600 felt so good in corners too. I thought I was taking it easy and glanced down and was going 20-30 km/h faster than I would it the same corners when pushing the 07 to the limit. In the first 20 minutes on the 600 I thought I might sell the FZ07 as I was enjoying the 600 so much. Then at 30 minutes, my back hurt and my wrists hurt and I remembered why I said I'd be keeping the 07 and the buying a 600. 07 for comfort, 600 for performance.

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