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Wiring Problems - Horn Relay


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I wanted to replace the "Meep Meep" single electric horn with a dual (snail) twin-tone set. So I bought them, and the relay that I apparently needed.
So after reading on the interwebs about what acrelay is and how it works I did the install.
Made new brackets to fit the two horn units where there was previously only the one.
Installed the relay under the front seat.
So wiring-wise; I took the hot wire (from the horn switch) off the +ve terminal of the old horn and wired it to pin 86 on the relay. From relay pin 87 I ran to the +ve terminal of the new horn(s).
I wired relay pin 30 direct to the battery via a 5A fuse and wired a jumper from pin 30 to pin 85
......except that, to my dismay, I've gone wrong somehow.
Here's what I've now got: With the ignition turned OFF, the horn sounds (magnificent) when I press the horn button. With the ignition turned ON, pressing the horn button plays that Simon & Garfunkel classic, "The Sound Of Silence"......
I've messed up somehowbut I am having trouble thinking my way out of this.
Can anyone help by any chance??

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I found the problem, and it's fixed.
The issue was the jumper. I removed it from pin 30 and instead I connected pin 85 to ground. It immediately fixed the entire problem.
I HAD in fact followed the wiring diagram that came with the horns correctly. That diagram showed the case of a horn switch on the cold side of the existing horns, hence the jumper from 30 to 85.
I found a wiring diagram online that showed 85 to ground, and it immediately made more sense to me.
I tried it with s test wire and it immediately worked correctly.
Apologies for posting and not researching thoroughly enough to begin with.

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I can't help but the Simon & Garfunkel reference made me laugh, good job! Hope you feel a little better knowing you accomplished that at least. GL!


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