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Rock Island State Park


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Well, if you have seen any of my previous posts you know I love riding to a state park and checking out nature. So I went to Rock Island State park today. I love riding in this weather, high 60's, low 70's, not cold enough to need a liner for my "holey" riding jacket. It's about a 70mi ride from my house thru the countryside of Middle Tennessee, some sweeping curves, some VERY tight curves, rolling hills...AND, did I mention...I LOVE MY FZ07 :) :) 
Here are some pics:

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nice pics, how about some of the 07 with nature.
Most of the parks I end up going to do not have any cool laces for me to park and get pics. Seems like everywhere I go...big parking lot, trails away from there :( :(  
Makes me miss the Rockies
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