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Ladies gear review: TCX Classic Boots and GogoGear Leggings.


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I asked my wife to do a write up, she said nah, so I sort of interviewed her on her new gear...
TCX Lady Classic Boots
199.99 (as of Jun 2017)
Picture of my wife with the boots (as well as the Gogo gear leggings)
Fit:  True to size.  My wife wears either an 8 or 8.5 and there are no half sizes in that particular size (8.5) so she opted for a size 40 which falls under 8, and it fits her perfectly.  A 41 (9) would be too large.
My wife is 5'3" with a 29" inseam.  Although normally she has no issue on the FZ with one foot down, the heels on these boots are 3 inches high so she essentially can flat foot the bike with both feet down because it effectively brings her inseam to 32.
Practicality wise, these boots will not be your daily wear.  They are extremely stiff and shifting will be an issue.  Although she can shift on the FZ07, she has great difficulty shifting on an R3 (her main bike).  As such she can only wear these boots on the FZ07 or as a pillion passenger.  The surface area of the heel is greatly reduced compared to any other motorcycle boots so standing stability will be compromised.  Heel placement onto pegs while riding is also limited due to the heels.  This fact my bug some riders.
All in all, these look very good but you will end up busting them out only when you really feel the necessity to look good and nothing more.  Highly impractical boots that focuses on looks rather than functionality.
I suppose if someone really needed these boots, it would be a lady with an even shorter stature (perhaps 5'1" and shorter) and greatly needs the 3 inch heel boost.
Gogo Gear La Kevlar Leggings

149.00 with free shipping on first order (as of June 2017)
Despite it being called "leggings", I would rather call these pants.  Although they are stretchy, the material itself is far thicker and heavier than one would think when hearing leggings.  In fact these pants are heavier than my wife's Dianese kevlar jeans.
The pants itself comes with hard knee pads, and pouches for hip pads.  The site lists some revzilla purchasable hip pads that can be used with it, we were able to pull out hip pads from scorpion textile pants and use it with the leggings.  Not all hip pads will be able to fit in the pouches as Dianese's soft pads were too small for the pouch.
Kevlar wise, the entire pants is lined in kevlar.  Sort of like an entire Draggin Liners stitched right into the pants (which is just one reason why the pants are so heavy), but the kevlar is dyed black which is the first time I have seen black dyed kevlar.  The only portion not lined in kevlar is the elastic waist band.
Fit:  The sizing on these are very weird and not true to size if you use your existing pants size.  My wife had to get 2 sizes up.
I have to mention something about the site's sizing guide though:

1. Measure all the way around the widest part of your hips and rear end
2. Take that number and compare against the size chart below to find the size that matches or is closest to your measurement
3. If you consider yourself to have a "flat" rear end, go with the size listed. If you have a "curvy" or "extra" in the rear, go one size up.
I have to say you need to disregard [HASH]3 on the guide.  My wife has a curvy butt and going one size up just made the pants way too large for her and we had to exchange it for the original size we came up with based on [HASH]1 and [HASH]2.
Looks wise, these are probably the most flattering motorcycle pants my wife now owns.  An unfortunate thing with women's pants when it comes to kevlar jeans or textile is they usually end up looking very unflattering (which is why you usually end up seeing many young women riding around with their stretchy tight skinny jeans).  Usually leather would be your best choice if you want to look good but not everyone wants to wear leather.  I'd have to say Gogo gear leggings ends up with a very nice cut as far as flattering shape and profile goes.
(that weird white thing between her thighs is her gloves)
With hip pads in place it will unfortunately exaggerate your hips, but you guys should be well aware of that fact when it comes to motorcycle pants.
Airflow wise, we have only been riding around in 60 degree weather (yes, in June here in WA) so I will update after she uses them in 80+ degree weather.
I have no idea the protective effectiveness of these pants but there are some crash reports or testimonials on the site.  Personally I would not recommend these for highway wear, but otherwise my wife and I give these "leggings" a thumbs up.  You will want much beefier protection for other uses but these pants appear good enough for some light motorcycling and around town usage.
Here is a front and back combo pic.  As you can see, with hip pads in place, her hips end up greatly exaggerated from the front:

I visit here at least once a week.  Got any questions, ask and I will answer!

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Thanks. Always nice to hear about pant options. So many of them are sized so oddly...

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Nice write up. Is your street hell when it ices up in the winter? It looks a little steep.


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Nice write up. Is your street hell when it ices up in the winter? It looks a little steep.
I need to click on my notifications more often.  Heh.
Good eye.  Yes, my house is on a slight hill in both directions (my neighbor and I share the peak of the hill) but it isn't too bad.  Even in ice or compacted snow conditions, I was able to reach my garage every time.  Its the exit/entrance to my gated community that is a huge bitch.  Leaving the community, there are 2 hills, one right after the other (hill, slightly level, hill) to reach the main road.  Just take a look at this, this is the second hill to leave the place.

Now that is what causes problems in icy conditions.

I visit here at least once a week.  Got any questions, ask and I will answer!

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