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Yamaha Genuine Engine Guards


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So I'm looking to buy these and I don't know if I should get these or after market frame sliders so I have a few questions on the Yamaha genuine engine guards..
1.) Did you need a professional to install them or are they easy enough to put on yourself? Similarly, are they easy enough to take off if you are taking the bike to a cruse night and you don't want them on whilst showing off the bike?
2.) Were they a pain in the butt to install/were any modifications required or where they just truly plug and play with oem hardware?
3.) Do you notice them at all when you are riding? Like leaning/ kneedraging or coming to a stop and putting your feet down?
4.) Do they actually seem like they would do anything if the bike ends up on its side? Will they actually protect the engine, fuel tank and everything else if you spill?
5.) If you could go back and buy them again, would you?
I would prefer if only people who own these respond but if others have an opinion or a story of a friend who has them or something like that, that is fine. If you could let me know honest opinions and let me know what you think of them, that would be great. I look forward to hearing the wisdom of the forums! Thanks!

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I have them they are fairly easy to install right side just bolts on, the left side however requires you to take off the front sprocket cover and cut a bit out to mount it it's clearly shown on the cover itself where. What I don't get is why yamaha didn't just make it pre-cut so their oem guards can go on without modifications. I did do it myself except the cut i had my brothers friend do that. They come with rubber that goes between the plastic guard and the engine cover probably for shock absorption or something. If you are considering them go with oes sliders instead the oem guards look kinda stupid, cover the rear brake lever,and seem to flex quite a bit as well as being expensive. Will they protect in a crash? Don't know probably low speed yes but anything higher than 15mph I wouldn't trust them now to break off completely with how much they flex.
Summary:buy oes sliders, save cash, invest said cash in new exhaust.

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