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Looking at tuning my bike and I'm down to 2 options. Send ECU to 2wdw or fork out the extra $60 for FT ECU Datalink. the only downside I see from the 2wdw is sending the ECU out every time I'd want to tune the bike. With the Datalink I can do it in the comfort of my own garage whenever I want. And as for only pay shipping, I'd be shipping from Canada so that $60 could be burned through very quickly when I could have just went with Datalink.
What are everyones thoughts? Probably annoyed there is another tuning thread started  (rofl)

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I cannot speak highly enough of the 2wdw tune. You can do a lot of damage it you tune your engine incorrectly so I would not personally want to mess with it. Nels knows what he is doing.

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