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Hi everyone,
I'm the newest member! I traded in my 2016 v star 650 for a 2017 FZ 07, and I'm never looking back. It's so much lighter and faster than a cruiser.
Coming from a cruiser, the first thing I got was a windshield. I have the Yamaha windshield, and I'll give a review on it after a couple hundred miles. I'm also going to add frame sliders and bar send sliders.
What other accessories do you all recommend? I've heard of radiator grills, coolant tank protectors, etc.. Any links to discussions/previous posts would be great.
I'm posting from an iPad so I can't seem to post a picture. I'll do my best to get one up (gotta love bike porn)
I'm in Carlsbad so any other local riders, hit me up!

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I'd suggest adding a Stebel Nautilus Compact tuning horn (134db) =) or equivalent, a led cyclops headlight to replace that horrible OEM birthday candle, a rad guard and some frame/fork/swingarm sliders...perhaps some "Denali" led light pods or some "Bike-Vis" bullets? ... a ecu flash, hordpower filter, EJK or PC-V, spiffy new front and rear suspension? :D Heck why stop there?
I dunno, depends on your priorities and cash flow because one can just keep going. Check the vendor section as there are deals and ideas to be had there. Spend and be merry!

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Practically everything is on this site for you to pick & choose from. I recommend replacing everything other than the engine, ha! Just kidding! I recommend riding it for awhile and then ask yourself what you feel the bike needs or what you think would make the bike look the way you want. Maybe look at peoples galleries for some ideas. BTW, welcome and congrats on your bad-ass bike!


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