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Yamaha T7 Spy Shots from MCN

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Somebody saw the Yamaha T-7 concept bike in disguise and took some pics!
That bike looks not much like a dirtbike. Street tires, street fender. Cant tell the rest because everything is covered up.
What do you think? If they turn the T7 into a tame bike with street tires, I will be mega pissed!
This is what it looked like at the motorcycle show last winter

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Front tire looks like it's being pressed down due to decel.
Look at the rear tire contact patch - the opposite condition.
My feeling is that if there is a production version of that concept bike, it wouldn't be exactly like that concept bike, but more like the covered-up bike in the spy photos.
That looks much more like I'd expect from a production bike, one intended for the majority of riders who would stick to street riding the majority of the time, and maybe ride some dirt roads once in a while.

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Just wish you hadn't said it weighs in at 440#....argh!
Yeah I know. But, now that I think about it thats supposedly fully fueled and with that stupid street seat. And, it's a 700cc bike.
I would imagine that there will be stuff that can be removed from the bike. If it comes to the states, I'll get one and will go to work finding lighter materials to use and sell. If it has alot of street plastic I'll design some thin dirtbike style plastic to use. I'll go to town on the damn thing to get it as light as possible and then come up with like parts to sell so othes can lighten theirs too.
There has got to be a way to get that bike down to around 410 lbs. Exhaust , seat and battery will be a good start.
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Well then if it comes to the states I'll have to keep an eye on you! I forget how much the DT-07 weighs but ad enough wt. to make it street legal and I doubt you'll hit 440#. Did anyone figure out what the -07 engine weighs yet?
When you say it's a 700cc bike are you implying that it's actually larger displacement than our 689cc bikes?

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