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Arlington Heights, IL - The Toy Shop, Bike Night Thursdays


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Got an email last night from The Toy Shop in Arlington Heights announcing that their Bike Night Thursdays are back.  Went out to TTS last week and had a great visit.  Their new store is missing some amenities, like a fitting room, but they have a pool table and other games.  The service was great too, I came in sweating bullets and asked for some water, they didn't have any but an employee took off down the street and was back moments later with a bunch water bottles for me and the other customers present.  The gear was also good, went at a time when the stock was pretty low, the day before restock, but I still found what I wanted. 
Not sure if I can make it tonight but just wanted to post the details in case anybody else is interested.
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I've been wanting to head out there and check out the shop. Didn't make it to this past bike but would like to hit another if it becomes a common thing. Looked like a big turn out from what I saw on FB.

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