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Scanning, evaluating and planning an exit stage left or righ


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Just a reminder that a skill set that improves is Scanning and evaluating your bubble.  This in cludes locating an exit point if shit hits the fan.  I wish my gopro was on to demonstrate this visually last night.

Real world.
Traveling east bound left lane of two off the Speedway heading to payne field.  Just coming up on the Historic Flight center I see a BMW pulling out of the visitor parking to the right lane, I make a correction in speed so the cager can pick me up in his side view.  To my rear is an asshat in a ford pickup I was behind a mile or so back dicking with his phone or beer I dunno its the PNW so I get my boogie on and move well past him creating my bubble.  I now see him on my rear coming up quick, so I move to the right lane as getting me boogie on was a not a chi ice due to traffic. I pul to the right, swing to the right side of the road because of the passing this truck was doing and rate of speed.  Behind me is a transport van a few car lengths back, in front is the BMW getting up to 45 mph, the truck is now right beside the beemer and hits the blinkers and its on.  The Beemer was in the right of way, the truck started moving over and horns started blaring.  The truck started pinching the beemer into the curb as brake lights are on and all I could vision was its crunch time.
Ok the Stage is set
I had a few choices here, clearly my bubble has diminished I had no exit to the left as cars piled up from the fiasco ahead, the van was approaching from the rear they two clowns were still playing blinker drag race.  I could had
1. Got my boogie on when I say the truck coming, pass the Beemer and steer clear
2. Stay were I am control my bike and adjust my exit stratigy which I had already done

What would you have done
The best strategy is to stay calm and collect your options.  Luckily the Beemer lost the chicken fight and backed off enough to allow the truck in.  The Van was cognoscente to know some poop was about to happen ahead of me and was at a slow crawl.  Cagers to my left slowed enough to not get caught up in bonehead and boneheads drama.  So it ended well, calm heads,controlled movement and the fact people were paying attention made a possible bad thing not
The worst case scenario
I panicked, slammed the binders the van was not paying attention, the cagers to my left were road whacking themselves and the dumb and dumber slam into each other.  I get pinched in the calamity the van slams into me, I am hurt or dead and the ford would probably drive away.
What is to learn
1. Always scan your bubble, ensure you are in your comfort zone
2. Situational awareness, always know what is ahead behind and to each side
3. Evaluate your options always have an exit plan.
Always know where you are and what is around you, scan ahead off ramps exits from parking lots will bit you, side streets, blind corners always anticipate always have a plan even before you get on the bike.  Your brain should never be on Auto Pilot when on your bike even if you are on that same ol road at the same ol  time and see the same ol people.  RIDE AS IF YOU ARE INVISIBLE live to ride another day.

“Laws that forbid the carrying of arms disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes.” --Thomas Jefferson quoting Cesare Beccaria

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