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Shad hard bags and rear blinkers


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I have Shad hard bags installed on my 2017 FZ 07. (In hindsight I should have paid more and gone with the GIVI hard bags.) I am looking for some suggestions as my rear blinkers (turn signal indicators) are like flippers flopping in the wind while I ride per my riding friends. Also, after riding I have to push the blinkers back into the Shad hardware as they come slightly loose while riding.
Any ideas on either different blinkers, which are not microscopic, something to stablize the Shad hardware, or better yet a tail eliminator kit which would not block the rear blinkers from being seen from the side. One of the problems with the Shad hard bags is that they are so far back, the Shad hardware has them sticking out from above the rear seat. Most tail eliminator kits I have seen will have the rear blinkers hidden by the Shad hard bags from the side view.
Thanks in advance.

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