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Hopeful owner to be UK.


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I currently run a Honda CB500X with Level 3 Rally Raid upgrades.
While leaving it for its service with Bransons of Yeovil, Somerset, instear of their usual CB500F curtesy bike, they gave me their demo MT-07 Tracer with only 60 miles on the clock and I was smitten!
The Honda is great, but being that much smaller capacity does not have the bottom end tractability and torque that the Tracer has. It felt nimbler, had nicer brakes, a better instrument display and possibly, a better seat. One huge improvement was the headlights. I gather that the twin headlamps appearance is questioned by some but a 45min run home on unlit country roads later that evening was far more enjoyable than on the Honda.
But I'm not rushing into it and am looking to probably by the Tracer next spring. One area that I did feel needed big improvement was the suspension. For the bumpy roads of south Somerset I will be needing suspension with longer travel. Its good to see that there are are various options.

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these are good bikes.engine is sweet as a nut.
I to own a tracer 700,I don't have any problems with my suspension but then again I always ride 2 up.

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I have had a Tracer 700 since easter and am bsed in the UK.
The suspemsion is fine for me, you can adjust the pre-load on the rear.
There is a UK Tracer 700 facebook group that is fairy active that you may find of interest.

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After all the complaining on this forum about the suspension on the FZ-07 Yamaha used the same suspension on the Tracer? Is that right? If so, c'mon Yamaha! Enjoy your new bike (?) and stay frosty!


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