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Okay, I'm seriously thinking about putting an R6 front-end on my 2015 fz-07, after much though about upgrading the stock forks, oil, etc. I thought it maybe more advantageous to me if I got rid of the stock set-up and went all in on an R6 front. firstly:
What year R6 front-end best suits the Fz-07:
What do I need for this swap? everything from the handlebars- triple tree- to the front wheel including all brake components. 
 Where do I get my hands on these parts?
How much is it going to cost as in money/time?
Is it worth doing myself or getting a shop to do it? (I'm mechanical minded, but I think on this I maybe over my head)
In reality is it worth it?
I'm expecting to get this done over the winter here in NWA, if its worth doing! and I'm not sure anyone/shop would take this on here as its mostly Harley territory, thats where the moneys at!
If I could get any opinions or information from anyone on here that would be great. 
                                                                                                                             Thanks, FZAR.

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there's already at last one if not two threads on this. Use the forum search, Luke.
Yes generally you need everything from the steering yoke out. An easy $500 in parts alone.
Time: probably lots
Cost: $700+ by the time you add machining
Worth it: no, not by a long shot unless you have a specific reason for it
If you want upgraded forks, replace the internals. A hell of a lot less hassle and several well, established solutions.

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I've put an r1 let me tell you its fantastic.

But definitely did not end up being cheap.

Cost is at minimum 3 times as much as internals 

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