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Need help. 3 codes


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Ok so I just had an akro put on my 2015 fz07. Had the power commander put on too. I rode it alll day yesterday, and went to start it this morning, it ran for 10 seconds and shut off. Now it's saying 5d-33, 34, and 39. I know what the codes are, but don't know what to do to fix it?! Help me please

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them codes are for the coil caps and the injectors-
double check the connections of all the PCV stuff...

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The pcv plugs into the coil caps and the fuel injectors - check to see that all plugged are connected properly. Make sure that each connector is plugged into the correct cylinder - though I suspect it wouldn't have run at all if they weren't.
Installation instructions are here:
Or just take it back to the shop...

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Well they are really just a set of guidelines
Oh wait wrong movie

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