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Adding Rim Stripes


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I put rim stripes on my blurple wheels today and found out a few things:
1. Removing the front wheel on a bike with twin calipers obviously requires either removing the calipers (closer together than the wheel is wide) OR removing the fender so the forks can be rotated to turn the calipers out of the way. Removing the calipers seems like the way to go with the FZ07. You should seriously consider putting tape over the calipers before you start removal to protect the wheels (see item 2).
2. The blurple paint on my 2015 wheels is comically thin and fragile. Touch the wheels with anything metal and the blurple paint will chip or scratch. The good news is that a blue Sharpie is a pretty good match for touch-ups.
3. The V-grooves in the wheel spacer seals contain only a minimal amount of a thin oil from the factory. At your earliest opportunity, I'd recommend pulling the wheels even if only to fill, and I mean FILL, the v-grooves in the seals with high-quality grease. If washing the bike before greasing the seals yourself, I'd be VERY careful about spraying water at the axles.
I get my rim stripes for $9 shipped from this eBay seller; Bikeartz
Available in 5 widths and two-dozen colors.  It's an inexpensive upgrade that looks tasteful and is easily removed if a future buyer doesn't like your color choice. Between wet or dry application, I use dry. The wet method would probably work best when the rim diameter closely matches the vinyl stripe's natural arc. These rim strips are sold for rims 16-19 inches in diameter and they appear to match a 17-inch rim's curvature exactly. You could use the wet method if you have a crappy eye for laying tape smoothly but the dry method is faster and less messy.

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In the future I recommend perhaps picking up wide rolls of 3M tape and a slicer from here....
Much more cost effective and so much tape left over you could do your bike, your helmet, your car, neighboour's house. Look at all the nice colours too. I put it on stands and didnt have any problems getting a perfect curve and fit with single 1/2" strips. 

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I installed this wheel tape.   I did it with the wheels on the bike.  I had a paddock stand for the rear wheel and had my wife sit on the bike and slowly move forward as I did the front.  If you do it slowly and carefully it works fine, and I had enough tape left over to do at least one more wheel.  

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