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Integrated Tail Light and Warranty


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I'm looking at integrated tail lights and fender eliminators, anyone know if doing this mod will affect my warranty?
thanks for any feedback

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The safest route would be to read the actual warranty documents.
Link to the YES warranty here: http://www.yamaha-motor-yes.com/tsncs.jsp
From what I understand, it only covers whatever is stock on the motorcycle. Any aftermarket parts and mods aren't covered, which makes sense since it wasn't done by Yamaha themselves and it probably doesn't adhere to your state's road safety laws.
Correct me if I'm wrong!

You do you and I'll do me.

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If the after market part causes the problem it will not be covered, otherwise you are good. The worst I can see happening from what you are installing is blowing a fuse or the flasher relay if you solder the connectors incorrectly. Both of those are very easy and cheap fixes.

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