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Osram hyper H4 bulbs 85/80W


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Hey guys and gals,
 I have run an Osram Hyper 85/80W H4 bulb in my Honda dual sport (converted XR400) for about 3-4 years now. Has anyone tried one (or a different brand like Hella) in their FZ? They are 19 bucks a bulb and I know for a fact they are brighter than a standard 60/55W unit. Considering trying it out but I really don't want to scorch my reflector if it ends up being too much heat for it. I did scorch one on the Honda but it was an off brand aftermarket headlight and much smaller than the FZ light. The Baja Designs headlight on it now has held up just fine for a few years with that bulb.
 I recently tried a well known LED bulb in the FZ and the low beam seemed to be an improvement but the high beam definitely was not. Something about that white light makes it harder for me to see at a distance. I tried different aiming a couple nights, even shimming the bulb a little, and just put the stock bulb back in and the difference was pretty big to my eyes. I could see much further with the stock bulb on high beam. Really no comparison in my opinion.
 Just looking to see if anyone has tried it and ended up burning the reflector or melting the plastic lens?

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I use this thing and its bright as a MF, its awesome, not too much difference between hi and lo, but man are they both bright!
Light up the freeway for miles, reflectors and signs will really POP.
Highly recommended.

'16 FZ07

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85/80 might work, just don't go to one of the 90/100 bulbs. I smoked an old school steel/chrome reflector on my Honda V65 Sabre.

Got new red 2015 FZ-07 on 7/22/16!
Black 2006 Honda ST1300 53K miles.

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