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Beware of large orders through Babbitts


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So this is my personal experience ordering though a very reputable company for OEM parts. I ordered almost $1400 in parts all at once though Babbitts with no thought in my mind there would be an issue with all the positive reviews.
This is the review I sent them and it explains everything so I just copied it.
To start out I requested the correct color code for my particular bike. It was supposed to be blue/silver. The representative sent me the SMX color code and told me to order my parts with that. So I did and well, that's the color code for raven black. So my rims and 2 of my rear fender pieces came in black. I emailed them back to explain it was the wrong color code multiple times and asked how to fix it with service replies going from fast to non-existent. Not a single reply back acknowledging the mess up. So since my order was large (almost 1400$) it was shipped in multiple (3) shipments. I emailed a separate rep who was able to change the color of the frame from black to blue as it was supposed to be before. Now the rest of the shipment comes in and there are parts missing. So I emailed twice asking for a solution and to no surprise got no reply. I called the online number and was routed to from what I was told, the only person dealing with large shipments. I'm deployed to Afghanistan so of course I don't have a number for him to call me back so I left my email, just to be sent a reply that all my parts shipped and regiven my tracking numbers that I already had.
Since everything except the frame came in the wrong color I was just going to change the color of the bike (3 more pieces) being that I'm not paying a restocking fee for misinformation and my wife likes the new color scheme better. However I refuse to purchase one more thing from here when I can't receive all my parts and am ignored when I ask about fixing a problem that wasn't my fault. This is just poor service overall. The ONLY thing that went right so far is when my color code was changed for the frame it came in a month earlier than expected (the black frame was on backorder). So here I sit still missing parts and about to reorder through a different website. With what I'd heard from other reviews of this website I was not worried about spending this much money in one place, wasn't expecting this poor of service. Will definitely be sharing my experience so someone else doesn't end up wasting money as I have. "
Now with that being said the parts the did come in, came in faster than expected. So if you make a small order there's a good chance you'll be very happy with ordering with this vendor. However I don't want someone to waste money/time as I have making a large order all at once. If I could do it again I'd order maybe 3 parts at a time to ensure it all actually made it to my house.
The way that It was explained to me there is one manager that oversees large (they call it pallet shipments) and he is who deals with them directly. So there's the possibility that if I had a smaller order everything could've gone smooth (with the exception of the color code).
Maybe this was a one time failure on their part, but I just wanted everyone to be aware.
Thanks for your time.

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Update:: My wife received a call from someone named dexter today I'm going to go on a limb and say it was a service manager. He reordered the parts that were missing and said he thinks they were lost in transit which is weird because the tracking number says delivered. Reguardless he was surprisingly nice and handled things quickly. The rest of the parts should be there in 1-2 weeks and we shall see how this goes. I cancelled my order with the other site and if all goes well will go ahead and order the black tank covers so everything matches.

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Thanks for the heads up and the update. It sounds like it might work out o.k.

Craig Mapstone
Upstate New York

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I have used Babbits in the past and they are great. Order some hard to find vintage stuff for a few restores. First place I look is babbits. Never had issues

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All it takes is one klutz having a worse day than his normal sub-par to ruin someone else' life. .


I've also ordered from them. Not a huge order money-wise, but it was a good long list of bits and pieces. Came quick w/o a hitch or need to speak to anyone. 


I've had orders from Amazon showing they were left on my porch when in reality, the post office still had it and was waiting for me to go get. Uh, no!


Hopefully they'll make it right for you w/o too much more headache.


have a safe deployment.



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Yeah, I ordered from them maybe twice.  Never had issues. 


**** sometimes happens, especially when it comes to shipping.  I've had a bad experience once, item never came, tracking number never worked.  I contacted the people and apparently it was a USPS issue (which I have no doubt it probably was) because they resent a new order right away after talking to them and it came 2 days later.


There was a guy on here, forgot who it was, he has since left, he proclaimed Revzilla had the worst customer service.  And anyone who has dealt with them before (not just ordering, but any customer service related area) knows that is not the case.  **** just went wrong for him, and that is the only thing he knows, hence he feels Revzilla sucks. 

I visit here at least once a week.  Got any questions, ask and I will answer!

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