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A New MotoAmerica Class for FZ-07's in 2018....


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On Friday, September 15, 2017 at 5:16 PM, blackout said:



A new twin class offered because of the popularity of our bikes!


One of my buddies and I are contemplating taking a stab at a round or two next year with my bike. However after reading the provisional rules it looks like the mods neccesary to make my bike competitive would take me out of Super Sport class in my race organization. We may just do it with what I have anyway for the experience. It looks they are going to allow throttle body, intake, head, piston, cam, port, polish and airbox mods as well as suspension, wheel and brake swaps. This would be another couple grand worth of stuff/work to make par but it would be another item off the bucket list.  Hmmm...something to masterba I mean meditate on over the off season. Maybe time for a full on Superbike build? 

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