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Grip it & Rip it

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Grip it & Rip it

What's up y'all, I picked up a 2017 FZ-07 ABS "red tail" 2 weeks ago from my local bay area Yamaha dealer and I love it. I'm coming from a 1990 FZR 400 3BF (first bike) and the 07 feels better in pretty much every way. It's funny seeing people complain about things like the switchgear- coming from my 30 year old switchgear, the 07's is a definite improvement. Heck, I'm stoked just to have fuel injection. It remains to be seen if the 07 can handle the twisties at speed like my FZR can- I'm still breaking my engine in so I haven't gone for a proper back-country rip yet. On the curvy roads in town it feels great! Only stuff I've done so far is R&G rear axle slides/spools, R&G radiator cover, and Yosh tail tidy.


It's interesting, the closest thing that I've ridden to the 07 is my buddy's 70's Triumph. That may sound weird, but they're both torquey twins that have comfy, upright ergos.



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