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Yamaha 450F Rally Replica is for real!


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biwndidnI miss this shet ? I have been waiting for a 450 rally bike to be released.


article https://rideapart.com/articles/yamaha-releases-wr450f-rally-replica


And buyers of this bike will be sponsored with race support at the Dakar rally. I'm not up for that, but if I can get this street legal, I will want one.IMG_0143.JPG

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Easy done here in the PNW

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easily done here in Michigan to make it road legal... all day me and my buddies been talking about this bike...


its truly gonna be a badass street bike...traffic jam? no biggie, just jump in the ditch and bbbrrraappp away... See a short cut? ehhh who cares gonna make one anyway, bbbbrrrapppp... 310mm of fork travel 😀 roll over a Ford Mustang like a speed bump!!

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