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Welcome RSTX


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Hello RSTX


Welcome to the worlds largest FZ07 forum! Please reply below and say hello! You can also take a moment and upload a profile pic here View Member


You can also post pics easily from phone or pc, watch the video.


We hope that you like our forum!



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Howdy from College Station, Texas, home of Texas A&M University! Whoop! Thanks for the welcome. I purchased my FZ 07 just a couple of weeks ago after getting hired for a new job and needing another commuter vehicle. We only have a two car garage so a motorcycle was the obvious answer. Much to my astonishment my wife actually suggested that I get one. We've been married almost 21 years and I would have never dreamed that she would say anything positive about a bike. She said it and I took her at her word. And here I am.


I learned to ride on a Kawasaki KDX 80 back in the early 1980's. I wrecked often and learned a lot on that poor bike. My first street motorcycle was a 1985-ish Honda Nighthawk. It was a good basic bike. I found a lightly used 1986 Honda VFR Interceptor 700 that I rode for about three years and absolutely loved. I really wish I still had it. I ended up selling it and have not ridden anything more powerful than a bicycle since the mid 90's. Now I'm back and loving it.


I was looking hard at the Honda CB 500F initially and then I stumbled upon the FZ 07. It was a little more but seemed like a better all around bike. It has been a fun bike to learn how to ride on again. I almost picked a FJ 09 but didn't want to spend that much on what will be almost exclusively a commuter.


I will post a picture or two soon. Technology and I don't always speak.


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Welcome and congrats! Nice, blue & silver! one of my favorite color combos! Taken it out in the hill country yet?


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On 10/11/2017 at 8:54 PM, RSTX said:

Thanks, Beemer. No HC trips yet. It is just for commuting and around town stuff. 

Oh, man, You should award yourself with a few hours on a day off to ride in the outback like, hill country, you would love it!


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