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Welcome C4 Trousers


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Hello C4 Trousers


Welcome to the worlds largest FZ07 forum! Please reply below and say hello! You can also take a moment and upload a profile pic here View Member


You can also post pics easily from phone or pc, watch the video.


We hope that you like our forum!



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Good evening everyone and thanks for the welcome. I recently sold my XT225 dual sport and am looking for a new bike. I’ve narrowed it down to the FZ07 or 09. My local dealer has left over 09s for $400 more than the 2017 07s so I’m really stuck as to what to do. I know I don’t need the extra 200ccs but for only 400$ more am I crazy not to? I haven’t test ridden either bike because my dealer doesn’t allow them. Crazy I know...... I’m 5’7 and 165lbs. I’ve read a lot online about the 2016s horrible suspension and fueling issues on the older 09s so that’s what has been pushing me towards the FZ07. The insurance is also about $200 more a year for the 09. Of course the dealer is trying to push the 09 because it’s a leftover and they want to move inventory. I’ve been thinking it over for about a week and really can’t decide. Is there anything I’m overlooking on either bike? Thanks for your help and suggestions!

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if its any help, i was going to trade my 07 for an 09....







i ended up changing my mind. the 07 is decently quick and has plenty of torque to get yourself into trouble. plus you get the bonus of a (slightly) cheaper bike and cheaper insurance rates, better mileage, and in my opinion, better looks

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Get a 7.   I paid 7k out the door in 2016 and can sell for 5-5.5k all day long.  Tons of cheap mods, easy to work on, light, nimble, fast and super fun.   The only thing the 09 has over this bike is speed and if you're taller like I am, the fairing have a better fit.   The 07's kind of come to a point right at the inside of my knees,  where the 09's are higher.   I'm 6'3 and 220.  My bike was dropped with 0 sliders and it was only 200$ to replace the fairings and handlebar.   


Watch youtube videos and facebook some local motorcycle groups.  The 07 has the best community as well.   Lots of parts for sale and good dudes riding these bikes.

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The 07 AND 09 both have fuelling issues, though the 09 is worse. Fix is the same for both. Reflash...

Front end on the 09 is better though.

Go forth and modify my son...go forth and modify...

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