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Ferring/plastic replacements


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Hey guys, 

first post, yippee. I bought a fz07 off my friend this year. Red 2015 with 4000 km on it. Love the bike and couldn’t be happier when I’m on it. 


I live in canada and with winter approaching it’s time to start figuring out garage projects for the next few months.


my friend dropped the bike from standstill, walking it into his garage and the grey/black ferring that sports the Yamaha logo is scratched and dented on the right side. I was wondering if anyone knows a good place to buy aftermarket parts of this nature. 



also I’m looking Forsuggestions on Canadian suppliers with grips . 





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How about this (lovely!):




I doubt you'll find any aftermarket replacements that are not carbon fiber. Replacing with original parts will be the most cost effective option.


Nearly all motorcycle accessory shops carry grips, it depends what style you prefer. For the road I've personally always preferred the original manufacturer's grips. For the track rental make some great products with more feel (less comfort).

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I do not know if these guys pship to Canada, but I have used them with no problems. https://www.yamahapartshouse.com/oemparts/l/yam/53a99b10f8700220a4415886/2015-fz07-fz07fr-parts


Also check at a dealership.  Yamaha parts are relatively cheap, at least in the US and hopefully it if the same in Canada. 

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