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Replacement handlebars


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I have to replace my handlebars as the previous owner of the bike dropped it while walking it into his garage. There’s a small bend on the right side of the bars and a crack in the finish coating.


Im looking at renthals but I’m having a hard time finding info on the different varieties and styles they make. I’m also looking for anyone with experience which ones are closest to the stock bars on the fz07.


any other suggestions more then welcome



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I love my Renthals. The only thing I noticed with them is they are wider than stock. I just cut each end down a little to get them similar in width to the stock bars. I run the Renthal Road Mediums which are a little taller and they don't have as much pull back in the grip area as stock (which suits me better). I would suspect the Renthal Road Low's would be close to stock height except for width. One reason I had to cut them down on each end was for control length to allow the brake, clutch and throttle cables enough room to not put them in a bind. You will also have to drill the holes for the little detents that are on the throttle tube housing and switch controls or you can dremel the nubs off (which I didn't want to do because I've done it in the past and the switches can slip on the bars). After locating the spots to drill for the detents the hard way (IE scribing around the nub) I found a video about a month later on youtube showing how to do it with electrical tape wrapped around the bars in the area of the nub, you then snug the housing down just enough to leave a dimple in the tape and then you just drill it in that dimple.


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