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Quality back protector for your jacket- Inexpensive, but not cheap


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We all know jackets typically come with a junky piece of foam in the back. Legit back protectors are pricey. I was at a BMW dealership today checking out their heated gloves and the lady there asked me if I had a good back protector in my jacket. Of course, I said no, but I needed one. She said they sold very nice back pads for cheap, which I didn't believe ( the cheap part, at least). She got one out of the back room and it fit my jacket like it belonged (Dainese Stripes). No rigid plastic, but a very solid feeling piece. $35.43 after tax. The one I got is part# 76418546891

Go to your local BMW joint and check it out. They are CE rated and BMW branded. 

11" x 18" x 1/2" thick for this size (group2). There are two other smaller sizes available for the same price. 





Squeezing about as hard as I can. You can't poke your fingers through this thing. 




Would make a great base layer foam for a custom seat, too.

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I have never really gave creedence to these.  But always say the more you feel protected the least you worry.  Personally I just do not see the saftey value other than an extra pad for bouncing.  Just me, but good fine

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Do you not like back protectors in general, or is there an issue with these pads in particular? 


I doubt the pad will do much to absorb direct landings, but it will definitely spread the impact over a larger area. 


Also, not as important/ frequently needed on the street,but the puncture resistant properties of a back pas is very nice IMO. I saw a riding buddy go down in the woods one day. A very slow, simple off. The kind you see and just wait for him to get backup. But this time he punctured a lung by landing on a branch just right. 


All the gear FTW IMO. I plan to ride until I'm an old bastard 😂 

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