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no data on gearingcommander, what's rpms @ 70 mph please?


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Just doing some research.  Can anyone report reasonably accurate rpms for something around 70 mph?  (or 110 kph, etc)  Thanks!!  I have web searched and youtubed without any success so far.  I found a web pdf with the primary/secondary/six-gear ratios, and tried to back-calculate but computed 4868 rpms for 72 mph which seems high.  I could only estimate tire circumference for the rear 180/55/17.  Oh, and hai there, Cruizin!
primary 77/40 1.925
secondary 16/43 2.688 (sprockets)
1st gear 37/13 2.846
2nd gear 34/16 2.125
3rd gear 31/19 1.632
4th gear 26/20 1.300
5th gear 24/22 1.091
6th gear 27/28 0.964
72 mph * 5280 ft/mi * 12 in/ft * 1/60 min/hr * 1/77.9 rev/in * (1.925 * 2.688 * 0.964) = 4868.51 rpms ...

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I think 4868 rpm at 72 mph sounds about right. I am doing that from memory though. It is too late for me to go out and verify it tonight. Sorry.

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D'oh, duh I can punch those exact numbered into gearingcommander, yup it agrees. I'll try to upload it to their website using the form.
"You have successfully completed the second part of your Add Bike request.
Usually I will add the data within 1 week after receiving this confirmation."
There you go! :D
Crud, 4800 rpms only seems high because I messed up my kph vs mph in GearingCommander on most of the bikes in my chart, >_<

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If you are asking for actual readout of tach at 70mph in 6th gear, my instruments indicate 5,000RPM @ 70MPH.  Speedometer is accurate when compared to my Garmin.

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