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Out Practicing Wheelies


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Question from a long time rider and wuss. Can you give some numbers about ideal conditions for the power wheelie on our bike? RPM and MPH for example? I rip on my bike but I've never had the front end consider going up on me. I'd like to give it a shot, and having some expectations would make it easier.

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I was very nervous. Some came up too quick so I put em down fast.
For these wheelies I was in 2nd gear.
1. I would get up to 6k rpm (about 30 mph)
2. Let off the throttle so the bike engine brakes hard.
3. Within a second of letting off throttle..... punch it.
For the longer wheelies in the video, they started at 30 mph and by the time I was done chasing I was doing about 60 mph.
You do want a lot of space while trying this.

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