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'18 MT07 Windshields

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Do any of you know any companies that are making wind screens for the new models?


I really wish Yamaha would've at least left the bolt pattern the same. 


They had to know the confusion us lowly consumers would have to endure after the 2018 rename/remodel.

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@aiian.  National Cycle is making Vstream shields for the '18.  They have 3 different sizes.  I ordered a large touring size for (hopefully) neck relief from wind blast.  It is due to be delivered tomorrow but I probably won't get any miles on it due to wheather.  I've had Vstreams on my FJ09, a Tenere and one of their F15 touring shields on an SV and they were all excellent.  Highest quality and great protection.

Please Mister Fantasy play us a tune, something to make us all happy.    Stevie Winwood / Traffic, 1967

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On 5/14/2018 at 2:59 PM, safety said:

Puig has some new models for 2018, see my answer here:


Puig has the new version out now.
Localy here in Canada I found this distributor:


Puig Naked New Generation Touring Windscreen 2018, 2019 Yamaha MT-07 at Motostarz.ca



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27 minutes ago, Socalmt said:

I just ordered a new updated mad stad for my new 2018

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on it after you put some miles on it. 👍

Just shut up and ride.

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I have a National Cycle V-Stream, medium height that I'm very happy with.  It shifts the wind blast to my shoulders with no helmet buffeting. When doing 70-75 (the speed on expressways around here) it was becoming tiring just fighting the wind. Big difference now.

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So I had a madstad on my Vstrom a few bikes ago and it was great.  I would say the madstad on my Mt is good, not great.  It’s a big improvement over no windscreen and makes the bike comfortable to ride long distances at freeway speeds(75-80 mph in SoCal). It’s not pretty, but it’s very easy to remove and I accessorize my bikes for function over form and this really is the best option I could find.  I started with the shorter screen but ordered the second from the tallest and am using that now.  I accidentally ordered an entire system when I bought the taller screen so I have another system with an 18” screen brand new if someone is interested in buying it from me.

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