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I bought my 2015 mt-07 used with an akrapovic titanium exhaust fitted (the one with laser engraved logo). 


Im wondering, is there any way to visually see if the catalytic converter is fitted with the exhaust mounted on the bike or do I have to take the exhaust off to see? I haven't checked myself yet and im not with the bike right now so maybe its super obvious once i have a look.


Thanks in advance.

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I think you would have to take at least the muffler part off to see. From the pictures of the cat on Akra's website it looks like it just slips in the pipe somewhere between the headers and muffler. Unless the laser engraved exhausts have it permanently fixed in there not sure though.

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The cat slips between the pipe and muffler section. There's no way to visually see it unless you take off the muffler. 

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3 minutes ago, luftmasse said:

Thank you for the answers,


How much pain is it to take it off? Approximate time spent?


Best regards Luca 

Shouldn't take you more than 20 minutes max.

Just shut up and ride.

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