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MWR Filter and Filter Cover


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Just in case anyone was wondering what the differences are between the stock filter cover and the MWR filter cover...here ya go. Originally had the stock cover w/ the snorkel removed and a K&N filter. Was gonna go DNA with the stage two cover until I started really doing digging and research. Ended up going the MWR filter and cover route as it seemed to have more flow then the DNA, was a bit cheaper, and wasn’t coming from Greece. Also found some dyno charts that showed better gains (taken with a grain of salt) with the MWR. Anyway...swapped them out and I definitely feel a pretty decent change in pull above about 5-5.5k RPM. Not much of a “butt dyno” difference under 5k. Also both intake noise and exhaust got quite a bit louder. My bike does have a 2WDW tune for the Two Bros S1R exhaust and the K&N w/no snorkel and I’m hoping that it’s not running to much more lean now. Anyhow...here’s a pic of the two side by side.


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Aweful oriface design and extra noise will be coming from that ( square corners are a nono). But it will flow better simply because it is SO much bigger and has a radiused top edge.

Go forth and modify my son...go forth and modify...

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