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Size bolt for bar ends


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Hello everyone:
I'd like to try and find some red colored bar ends (I don't like the OEM black) for the FZ-07. I have purchased a couple of models but with mediocre luck.
The first pair were for the Yamaha R6 with a 18mm bolt. They seemed as if they would fit directly but the bolt size is too big (although the thread pitch is fine).
Another pair I got had the rubber insert that gets expanded by tightening a bolt and and was described as fitting the FZ-07. Here the rubber is too big and the bolt at the end again does not fit inside the opening of the bar. Before I start making mods (I'd need to find a 18mm tap of the right pitch for the first set or trim rubber and bolt in the other), does anyone know where I could find a set of bar ends that fits the fz-07 without mods, and are red and not OEM black?
Ah, first world problems...
Thanks!Physics Prof. Be aware :o:)

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