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Graves exhaust install question on 2019 MT


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I picked up my new MT-07 last week and am currently accumulating break-in miles. During my lead up to purchase, I identified the Graves system as what I would want. My wife basically told me to order it ASAP (safety 1st!), so I happily obliged. It should be delivered this week, I also need to buy 2 new exhaust gaskets. I will also be sending my ECU in to 2WDW.  I have been unable to find exhaust videos or tutorials for installing the Graves on the MT. I can't seem to find any info on how to remove the baffle/db killer. Does anyone have any tips/hints/tricks on how to do that...or any other install quirks for that matter?

Thanks in advance!

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Can’t help on the baffle removal, but I would think on a newish bike you’ll be fine to reuse the old gaskets. That’s what I did after break in on a new bike.

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There is a small hole with rubber cap on the exhaust tip near the swing arm that hides a screw... I have played around using and not using the battle and found for regular riding leave the baffle in unless hitting the track ... It is plenty loud with baffle in at almost 90 db and 100 without baffle... Stock exhaust is like 80 db... 

On my FJ-09 I have to remove the mount strap, 2 springs and rotate the exhaust can to remove the baffle screw...

I highly recommend using gloves for installation and wiping down with alcohol 1394739207 times to get off all finger prints and manufacturering dust/grime/oils...

It will take a good thousand or so miles to start actually coloring the exhaust pipes...

2015 fz-07- Hordpower Edition...2015 fj-09- 120whp- Graves Exhaust w/Woolich Race Kit- tuned by 2WDW

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Thank you both for the replies, it's extremely helpful.

First - was on the fence about the gaskets - i saw in the instructions that it recommended new gaskets, but with a new bike, didnt think it was necessary.

Second - thank you for the instructions on how to remove the baffle.  I had in my mind that I wanted to remove it, to be as loud as possible without sounding terrible.  Granted, I haven't heard this bike in person with any aftermarket exhaust.  I chose the Graves because of reviews on sound and build quality, youtube videos of sound, etc.  I saw one that didn't seem like it would be over the top (had the baffle out), but granted you can't tell anything by videos.  I won't be tracking this bike.  It's primary use will be a weekend warrior, sometimes drive to work, occasional trip to the mountains...

I will absolutely be using gloves!  And tons of alcohol.  My OCD would get the best of me if there are fingerprints left on the pipes.  

Will be my first big install on a motorcycle, definitely looking forward to it.  Thanks for the suggestions so far!

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