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Ive got a 2015 FZ07 and am just hitting 4500 miles on the OEM tires that came on the bike, Michelin Pilot Road 3s. Looking for tire recommendations as I'm taking a trip down to the Ozarks in Missouri in a month or so and know ill need a new tire before that trip. 

The PR3s have worked great for me as i commute on the bike, take it for spirited rides through the twisties on the weekends, and have done a couple track days. I've never had any problems with them sliding and they seem to get decent milage. 

I've been eyeing up Michelin Pilot Road 4s, and Bridgestone Battlax S22. Does anybody have any recommendations? I would get another PR3 but i don't think they make them anymore as they're hard to find. 


Thanks for any input


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This question has been asked many many times. Use the search button to read more than you'd ever want to know about recommendations 👍.

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Just shut up and ride.

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