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Rekluse MT07/FZ07 Auto clutch!


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Racers, dirt riders, trail riders and street riders have been using Rekluse auto clutches for years. 

Why? Leave your bike in 3rd or any gear and just ride, and your bike will not stall. Stop and take off in third gear if you want, or even 4th.  For people who ride in the city or stop and go traffic, this is a total game changer. 

YOu can ignore or even remove your clutch lever. Or, you can still use it as normal. 

And Rekluse clutches deliver more power to the wheel, a lot of power is lost in the standard clutch. And , they last much longer than stock. 


The Rekluse RadiusX Clutch Kit offers the best of both worlds, making it the ideal choice for riders looking to gain every performance advantage on an…


Automatic clutch that puts more power to the ground

Improved torque transfer over OEM

Longer clutch pack life with less adjustment required over time

On-the-fly external adjustment for cable models

Championship proven TorqDrive clutch pack

Increased performance and durability

Throttle response is greatly enhanced

Snappier, stronger power engagement

Increased torque capacity empowers the rider to use the motor’s full potential

Reduced clutch fade

Flagship EXP Auto-Clutch Technology

Prevents engine stalls

Smooth engagement

Manual clutch use is retained

Have more fun while using less energy which results in less fatigue

Boosts rider confidence over all types of terrain

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When I was a kid, I had a Honda 200 fourwheeler. It was 4 speed with a auto clutch and no clutch lever. You could pull up on the shifter between gear and make it work like a clutch. Pull up a tad rev it up and let go for a wheelie!

I would definitely like the autoclutch. I really don't understand why they would last longer than stock. It is still a clutch pack slipping. I would think it would last a shorter time as it seem it would be slipping more.


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Do I have to use the clutch lever?

You still need to use the clutch lever to shift gears, but you don't need to feed out the clutch lever when starting from a stop. If you've mastered clutchlessshifting, you don't need to touch the clutch lever if you don't want to. ... Rekluse Auto Clutches automatically engage and disengage clutches, not transmissions.

Well that is a bummer.  From the Rekluse FAQ. I guess it does not work the same as the old Honda.

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