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Akrapovic Titanium Alignment/Fitment Issues


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I just put on the akra ti exhaust last night and made sure to pound out baffle and remove ugly stickers prior to install.  Ran into a few issues below.   Before that, all I have to say is WOW!. Words don't even describe how gnarly this sounds in person, makes every sound clip ever made sound like trash. 

Everything went smoothly except the header fitment.  The flanges where it bolt up to the exhaust port were too narrow by at least a quarter inch!  Apparently this is common I guess from what I've searched. Just not something I like seeing with a 900 dollar exhaust.

So I spread them apart and it bolt up fine luckily the cross over was a slip joint.


BUT upon first start up, while stuffing a rag into exhaust to look for leaks, it feel like there is a small leak coming from crossover, circled above.  Hard to tell cuz it gets hot real fast.  Did anybody else have these issues with the Akrapovic titanium??

BTW the akra ti is only available for a 2015-2016 fz-07 but I put this on a 2019 Mt07 because it looks better than the ti/carbon one. Shouldn't matter.


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Mine is the same way on my 2016. I think you are correct in saying that exhaust will for on the 2017+ MT-07. The crossover is designed to be a "loose" fit, they are designed way so when things heat up, they can have room to expand and contract as needed. The reason there is a crossover pipe, is so when one cylinder fires, it  creates a negative pressure in that head pipe. That negative pressure gets transferred to the second head pipe via the crossover. Then when to other cylinder fires, there is already a negative pressure in the head pipe. This helps extract the hot exhaust gases out of the exhaust more efficiently, increasing performance. When you plug the end of the exhaust, the exhaust gases WILL escape anyway possible (through the crossover). Being that the crossover is so close the the motor,  is at a 90 degree angle to the exhaust flow, and is a much smaller diameter- the exhaust gases flow by the crossover creating a negative pressure. Hope that helps out. Your exhaust looks perfect to me. I absolutely LOVE mine!!!!

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