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mt-07 backfires and rumbles


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I had my MT-07 2018 and the first thing I did to it was to put in a Scorpion full system exhaust and removed the baffle to make it louder, backfire, and shoot flames. Then later I got a ECU flash from Bauce Racing and still had the backfire and rumbles but 3 days ago, one of my exhaust pipe (the left one) slipped from the dual split at the bottom and i rode it home for about 3 mins and slipped it back in and notice that the header bolts where missing so i added to of them and started it up and now theres no backfires or rumbling while I'm decelerating. Does anyone know how to make my bike backfire and shoot flames again. (and I don't care if the backfires hurt my engine FYI)

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Take off the header bolts you added.  To me its sounds like it backfired the most with exhaust just dangling off the bike. 

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