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How to check FZ07 MT07 Chain slack


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So I was messing around in the shop (surprise) and I took a quick vid. This gives a good idea how much the chain slack is affected by the vertical movement of the swingarm. For those that think that tighter is better watch closely. It is very easy to get it too tight. Tight can have a negative effect on suspension,  shifting and rideability at least. And a disastrous effect on hard parts and safety at worst. I see many bikes with tight chains.

Try this little tip; after checking your chain slack from the chain side in normal fashion, lay over the seat from the right side with the bike on its side stand. Reach down and grab the frame around the foot peg with one arm and with your chest weighting the seat compress the suspension some and check your chain slack. Or have a big friend hop on the bike and check it. You might be surprised.

Note: vid is of an FZ07 race bike with raised suspension so it's somewhat exaggerated but the principle is the same. Be careful and follow the manual specifications closely.

Be safe and have fun.

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I normally put my bike on the rear stand and check it. I usually let it just almost touch the swingarm. I might be completely wrong! But I got 25K mikes out of the OEM. I don’t want it slapping around, but a tight chain to me is dangerous.  Thanks for the video @mossrider

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I checked it after my suspension upgrade just like you did Moss. I left the shock disconnected and ran the swing arm through the expected range of travel. On a modified bike with a longer shock and/or linkage, your chain will need a fair amount of slack. 



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