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Hordpower Airbox - Sync your Throttle body


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Just finished installing hords airbox. When removing the stock box I noticed that the two intake tracks were different lengths. Hord's intake has both intake at equal length. I assumed this would affect the throttle body sync and sure enough the slave carb needed adjustment. My TBs were just synced before I installed the hord box. The good news is access to the vac ports after installing hord's airbox is super easy.  

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Changed carb to throttle body
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50 minutes ago, FZWes said:

Paxx how do you sync he T.B.'s?

Read into second half of post for how to, here. Shows how to check tool for accuracy with a "test loop" and warns about only adjusting cylinder 2 (if adjustment is necessy). List of tools at top of post. also search "throttle body synch"

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okay, so this post got me thinking I  should prolly check my TB’s since I added the Hord Power Airbox and since its never been done. My FZ has 2300 miles on it, the last 1500 are track miles. I calibrated my new gauges and checked them. Dead Balls Even. I double checked with my old mercury sticks and got the same results.

i thought you guys would wanna know.😜



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