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Idiot here again, starting to worry about installing my Carbon Akra (tools needed)


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I’m a novice and mostly an idiot. So I apologize in advance for my ignorance. 

I made the very dumb mistake of buying tools by the piece as needed for maintenance instead of just getting a giant set for $100 and now I’m in a bit of a bind and trying to figure out exactly what I need to install my carbon akrapovic system. Please take pity on me  

here what I have:


socket: 10-15, 17/19/21/22

For the most part, the part list from Akrapovic matches up with the YouTube tutorials I’ve seen, but there are some inconsistencies/discrepancies  


5mm and 8mm hex wrenches for getting the covers off. 22mm socket for getting the swing arm nut off to expose the hanger assembly. 10 and 12mm sockets to get the hangers and flanges off. So far so good. 

Where I’m unclear:


-size of the 02 sensor (I believe it’s 17mm, but I’m not sure, and it’s also NOT a listed tool from akra, maybe this can be done by hand?

-listed tools that I don’t understand where I’ll use them:  10mm,12mm,13mm (all SWIVELING) hex wrenches and a 22mm hex wrench ?? Wtf? 

what I’m planning to buy:

-flexible extender for my ratchet drivers to reach into tight spaces  

-17mm wrench (02 sensor) and 22mm wrench (o2 adaptor) 

I have literally no clue what the swiveling 10/12/13 hex wrenches are for, or a 22mm hex wrench. Do I need these? 

thankfully I live somewhat close to a hardware store but I really don’t want to walk over there multiple times during the installation.  I’d much prefer to have everything I need before installation.  This is slightly difficult because my bike is currently in a storage unit with the ECU in the mail, so I can’t really look at my bike to see and understand what I actually need. 

like i said: I’m a dummy. Thanks in advance for any help or well-wishes you can provide. 


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Couple socket extensions are very handy. Can go all the way in from the side on the muffler mounting, if its long enough.   From what I remember, it seemed like most of the bolts/nuts were 12mm. I don't pay much attention to what instructions say for required tools, mainly because I have lots of tools. 

You may need a deep well socket (12mm?) for your exhaust studs.

22mm socket can be used for O2 adapter and suspension nut (may have to hold other side???)

O2 sensor itself was tiny compared to others ive seen ( cars) I cant remember size.

You could install/repair most anything with something similar to the kit I linked plus some screwdrivers, some needle nose and regular pliers.

You will never have everything you need. Theres ALWAYS a quick run to the store! 👍

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I know you're right and I'm being a stubborn dumbass for not just getting a set. It is cyber Monday today after all.


I'm off to find some sockets, wrenches, and pliers. Anything else I'll just have to hike 10 mins to the hardware store. 

I'll also report back to help any future clueless, under-equipped people, although I realize I'm probably in uncharted waters for this forum with not only no skills but no tools.😂

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I can't recall everything i used, but the main tools I use for this bike are a set of metric hex wrenches and a set of metric sockets, everything else I'll likely use an adjustable wrench for.  I don't remember the exhaust swap being difficult at all, just a bit of time.  I think that the instructions were clear enough to make it through alright.  FYI I installed mine with a center stand already installed.  Generally I use any excuse I can to pick up a tool that I think I'll use more than once 😉

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Couple words of advice to save money when shopping for tools, from a career cheapass and mechanic.

First off, yard sales and flea markets. I have countless top end tools I bought for a dollar or two each.

Don't buy cheap Allen wrenches. They will bite you in the butt quickly. But things like wrenches you can skimp and get away with. I bought a roll of wrenches from Northen Tool several years ago (they were still Northern Hydraulic) because I needed a couple sizes over 1" to work on a bulldozer. They've proven to be solid tools, even though they are ugly and feel bad in the hand. 

Even the cheapest of socket sets is safe for your fasteners, as long as you use 6 point sockets. 

Flexible socket extensions are knuckle busters and an expensive addition that you'll probably hardly ever use. 

In general on Japanese bikes, and the 07 has been following the trend, the most common tools needed will be

- 8, 10, 12, 15,  17mm wrenches (or sockets)

- 4, 5, 6mm allen keys

I rarely ever pick up a ratchet and socket to work on a bike. I just don't like how ratchets feel. 

Not a cost effective option to start assembling a tool kit, but I use this set of t-handles on all my bikes and love it. Not high grade steel, but all in 6 point. 

If I do need a socket, I typical use a 1/4" breaker bar instead of any ratchet.  You can pick up a small 1/4" socket set for cheap and add a $10 breaker bar and be set. 1/4" ratchets are notoriously weak, no matter the brand. I've rebuilt entire engines with a 1/4" breaker bar, apart fro torquing heads or large items(flywheel,clutch basket...)


For the time being, since you have a project to do and need the tools readily available, look in to renting tools from somewhere like Autozone or Advance. You will have to leave a hefty deposit, but you get 100% of your money back when you return the tools. The deposit is just to ensure you return the tools. You can grab and entire set of tools for "free" that way and get a feel for what you will need without wasting money on unneeded items. 

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Thanks guys great info. Definitely good tips as I start to piece together tools. I know it’s not a tough job and I should be able to make due with what I’ve got, hopefully. 


i don’t have a center stand or a paddock stand, although either one would be great. I was thinking about how it’s going to be a little sketchy working on the right side of the bike while it’s on the side stand. I’d like to have a friend present to simply help keep the bike stable, but I’ll most likely be to impatient to arrange for a friend to come over. 

my exhaust arrived today. @2wheeldynoworks is hilariously fast. I sent mailed my ECU first thing yesterday (Monday) and got the exhaust at my house lunchtime today (Tuesday). I paid for the exhaust Saturday night... it’s going to be absolute HELL waiting for the ECU  to return. 

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I already got my ECU back from 2wdw. Super fast shipping and turnaround, very impressive. 
Remind me not to order from partzilla again, I’m still waiting on those header gaskets, otherwise I’d be brapping already. Now I’m hoping to get the system installed on Wednesday, weather permitting... little bit of snow in the forecast, which matters when you work on the sidewalk! 

i think (hope) I have all the tools necessary for the job. I’ll definitely be following up later this week spelling out all the tools needed/used for any future users who are utterly clueless like I am. Fingers crossed on a nice and easy install. After that, I’ll move onto a fender delete. And maybe some new rear sets. This place is bad news, I’m getting sucked down the rabbit hole. 


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I'm surprised your new exhaust didn't come with fresh gaskets! Regardless, have fun! 

And remember to wipe the pipes down real good with alcohol, glass cleaner or something to remove any fingerprints and such before firing it up. Fingerprints and other oils can cause nasty stains on a fresh set of pipes if they don't get cleaned off before firing it up. 

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@shinyribsthe akra systems do not come with fresh gaskets, surprisingly. I knew this ahead of time and ordered some, they’re just taking forever to arrive unfortunately. 

ive got a cleaning supplies for after the install. Can’t wait to get it done. 

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