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3D printed airbox lids-experince


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22 minutes ago, MitchLew said:

Just found interesting collection of 3D printed airbox lids on eBay.  

Anybody who has experince with 3D printed lids here? (endurance, chemical resistance...)


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For the money it's not a huge risk. It's not a high stress or moving part, 3d printed plastic should hold up fine for a long while.

I'm not an expert on the matter mind you, but even if it does break, it's not likely to cause damage or leave your stranded.

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Actually, the MWR, large-mouthed filter cover that they sell is 3D printed, or at least it was in the initial manufacturing run.

I've had lots of experience with 3D printing components, and the tech is up to it, but there are quite a number of variables that may make a design successful or not - material selected (chemical resistance), actual design (is it 3D printing friendly), % fill, overhangs, etc.

I wouldn't deny a 3D printed lid a chance, esp for a low price.

Good luck.

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