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I'm looking at an exhaust system. 

I want the one that says it first up to 2016. I love the way it sits. Veraus the other one that kinda looks like the pipe got stuffed with an eggplant.

But my bikes the 2019 mt07.

I'm curious if most exhausts fits any generation Or compatibility is a issue. 


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There has been no reported issues putting a 2015-2016 specified exhaust on a 2017+ model FZ/MT-07 that I've ever heard about of any brand.

Just shut up and ride.

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I have the 'eggplant' exhaust you mention on my 2019 model. I think it suits the bike a lot better, it doesn't stick out past the wheel like the last one did, I find it neater and more streamlined because of this and its still incredibly loud when you remove the baffle. 


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1 hour ago, Mossie said:

How much are these.  Lads  thanks 

Revzilla has them for $758 to $990, but I would contact the supporting vendor, 2 Wheel Dyno Works and get their package deal with an ECU tune. 


Born from racing, this stainless steel exhaust system represents the most advanced and high-performance exhaust to ever come out of Europe.


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