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Lowering link, footpegs, bar risers, windscreen etc.


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I have had my 2020 MT-07 for a month today.  Bought it used showing 730 miles on the odo, and have put nearly 500 on it since.  I've made a few changes over the course of the month which I will share here.  Before I bought my MT, I did a lot of searching on various forums for information about modifications I was interested in, so I hope this helps someone that is researching like I was.

T-Rex Lowering Link:  I am short and old (5'-5" and 70).  I have owned many bikes and have shortened most of them one way or another.  I prefer to comfortably reach the ground with both feet.  I installed the T-Rex Lowering Link (-2") and the T-Rex Adjustable Side Stand and lowered the fork tubes 3/4".  This made a huge difference, and made the bike much more comfortable for me.

7/8" Bar Risers:  I got these from Amazon and they were pretty cheap - about $40.  They came with a bracket to raise the dash.  Big improvement for me in riding position, and an added plus is raising the dash to where you can see it without having to look down so far.  Pic below.


 Knight Designs 1" lower foot pegs:  I wanted a little more upright riding position, so I ordered a set of Knight Designs lowered foot pegs.  Their website doesn't show a compatible foot peg for 2018-2020 MT-07, so I took a chance and ordered a pair for the 2015-2017 FZ-07.  They fit perfectly and again, made a big difference in my riding comfort.


Hepco & Becker Rear Seat Rack:  I debated about getting this, it seemed like a lot of money for a small piece of metal.  Also kinda preferred the look of the SW-Motech model, but I had a discount coupon from Motomachines so I decided to go for it.  I have no intention of carrying a passenger (my wife refuses to ride with me) and had already removed the passenger peg brackets and installed some blanking plates I got on ebay.  I had to do some fiddly stuff to get the rack to fasten correctly (drill out a hole on the attachment bracket and shim underneath it so it met up with the seat latch) but it works well.  Also makes it easier for me to get my leg over the seat (see short and old above).


Having already spent a bunch of $$ on the bike so far, I was gonna wait until spring and add a Madstad windscreen.  I have had very good results with Madstad screens on a couple other bikes I had.  But I stumbled onto a Puig Touring screen at Revzilla that was discounted as an open box deal so I thought I'd give it a try.   It seems to work very well, takes a lot of the wind blast off my chest & arms.  Helmet seems to be in clean air.  I think it looks good, too.


Other stuff I've added:  TST Industries Rear Axle Spool Sliders, Grip Puppies.  Future plans include Shinko 705s, Barkbusters, radiator guard, wider handlebar, heated grips.....

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I just traded my MT-07 for another bike.  I don't have enough posts in this forum to post a for sale ad in the classifieds...but the Hepco & Becker rear rack mentioned above is available.  email me at dmorris29[at]gmail[dot]com if you're interested.  SOLD


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