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Akrapovic Carbon Racing Line Exhaust Connections


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I took apart the whole exhaust system in order to install a db killer, unfortunately I haven’t looked or took any pictures before taking the system apart to ensure that all parts are connected as they were before.


My concern is the connections for the full system, it seems to be connected straight without the option to tinker with it, but showing some “skin” also - I couldn’t push it farther that it is shown in the pictures that I’ve included to this post.


Can someone clarify this for me? Maybe check with their exhaust system to see if it is connected the same and should be like this?





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Looks normal according to the installation instructions from the exhaust manufacture. 




I would just check for any exhaust leaks and if you don't feel or hear any, you're in the clear. One other method is to remove the system, measure the throat of the exhaust and the engine casing and make sure it's bottoming out on the gaskets. 

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